C2SMART/NYU Establishes Multi-year Agreement with NYSDOT

C2SMART/NYU established a multi-year agreement with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) to provide on-call research services in support of the Department’s goals. C2SMART was selected based on its USDOT UTC designation and due to its research portfolio and outputs being aligned with NYSDOT needs. Broadly, C2SMART will assist NYSDOT in:

  • Testing, implementation, policy development, and governance of the imminent introduction of connected travelers as well as connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Utilize efficient technologies and systems to address planning and operational needs regarding the safe movement of vehicles and travelers, and NYSDOT workforce, throughout the state
  • Utilize new technologies to measure and enhance the resiliency of operations and infrastructure
  • Modeling and simulation of transportation systems to answer questions that fall beyond standard industry state of practice and that require specialized expertise
  • Develop flexible and iteratively designed tools to improve the planning and execution of maintenance and construction activities
  • Provide education and workforce development in cutting-edge transportation technologies

Over the following months, several projects funded by NYSDOT are expected to commence.

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