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Excited about transportation and smart cities? C2SMART is hiring for the following positions:
Transportation & Smart Cities Research Associate (full-time)
This candidate will lead/oversee the successful execution of tasks and deliverables on a diverse array of projects while supporting Center faculty, staff, and student researchers.
Student Positions
Transportation & Smart Cities Research Intern (part-time)
Student research interns work on faculty-led research projects using emerging technologies in transportation and smart cities. Candidates will be expected to design, implement and improve algorithms for computer vision, deep learning, software development, and V2X applications.
Editor/Graphic Designer (part-time)
This individual will work on an as-needed-basis in support of the Center’s research projects, events, and communications. The position is responsible for creating promotional and outreach materials, both digital and print, editing and improving written reports, and assisting in developing and maintaining website content.

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