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Researcher (Big Data Developer)

C2SMART Center is seeking a Researcher to work on faculty-led research projects on big data in transportation and smart cities. The candidate will be expected to conduct research into emerging advanced tools and technologies used in developing new tools and platforms to analyze, process, visualize, and facilitate usage of big data from existing and new data sources. The candidate will be assigned to research projects to perform tasks that include assisting the Principal Investigator (PI) in developing novel ways to merge advances in data science and analytics and computer science with traditional and non-traditional  transportation datasets from various research projects with significant computational requirements.

The duties of the qualified candidate(s) for this position include:

  • conducting research into emerging advanced computational tools to store, analyze, and utilize big data from various sources
  • experimenting with different desktop/mobile applications in support of research projects,
  • working with large scale databases,
  • working with graduate students,
  • documenting developed tools, and in support of project deliverables.


The candidate(s) for this position requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Civil/Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or a similarly related field.  A master’s degree or Ph.D. is highly preferred but not required. The ideal candidate will possess:

  • experience in working with technical tools used for transportation datasets, including web-based solutions for research output,
  • a background in multiple areas of research including, big data, machine learning, etc.,
  • strong skills in transportation applications including web-based mapping APIs,
  • experience with database design, implementation, and performance tuning,
  • excellent documentation and communication skills.

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Research Associate

C2SMART Center is seeking a Research Associate to participate in and lead transportation research projects being conducted at the center. The candidate will support faculty, staff, and student researchers, and be primarily responsible for overseeing the execution of project tasks and deliverables. Broadly, the Research Associate will lead or support the PI on the following tasks:

  • Data analysis, modeling, statistical analysis, and associated documentation per sponsor/client requirements
  • Visiting field sites to conduct and in some cases take the lead on administering surveys, recording and collecting data, participating in field tests, and deploying and testing new equipment such as sensors
  • Lead specific tasks that require creation and calibration of simulation models, development of performance measures, and studying and understanding trends relationships from big datasets
  • Documenting research activity and disseminating/presenting key findings and research activity to sponsors and partners

This position provides an excellent opportunity to work at the cutting edge of transportation planning and engineering research, with exposure to current and anticipated challenges transportation agencies and companies are facing in the New York-area. The successful candidate will have a wide-range of exposure to various transportation tools and emerging technologies, as well a experience developing and implementing new products and solutions into practice. C2SMART’s activity goes beyond the academic setting, and this position will be critical to bringing advances in technology into the real world. The requirements for this position are as follows:

  • A master’s degree in civil engineering, transportation, or related from an accredited college and 2+ years of experience in transportation
  • A Ph.D. in transportation engineering is preferred but not required
  • Comprehensive experience in simulation and modeling software such as Paramics, Aimsun, TransCAD, CUBE, VISSIM, or related
  • A proven ability to script, develop models, & conduct data analysis on large datasets with knowledge of both traditional and emerging data storage technologies (e.g. cloud-based, unstructured, etc.)
  • Experience with New York-area transportation systems and agencies is preferred but not required

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