Completed Reports

A Trusted Data Platform for Transportation Data Sharing

Principal Investigator: Bill Raisch, NYU
Map of Seattle showing predicted route of a carshare vehicle

Designing and Managing Infrastructure for Shared Connected Electric Vehicles

Principal Investigator: Don Mackenzie, University of Washington

Traffic Signal Optimization and Coordination in Connected Cities

Principal Investigator: Jeff Ban, University of Washington

Emerging Leaders in Transportation 2017

Principal Investigator: Sarah Kaufman, NYU

Quantifying Uncertainty and Distributed Adaptive Control for Unanticipated Traffic Patterns as a Result of Major Natural and Man-made Disruptions

Principal Investigator: Saif Jabari, NYU Abu Dhabi
Graphic of laptop and household items to illustrate online consumption practices in cities

Sustainability of Urban Consumption Practices

Principal Investigator: Sarah Kaufman, NYU

City-scalable Destination Recommender System for On-demand Senior Mobility

Principal Investigator: Joseph Chow, NYU
The Pink Tax on Transportation panel participants and audience

The Future of Mobility Workshop Series

Principal Investigator: Sarah Kaufman, NYU
Visualization of pedestrian density in Manhattan

Integrated Analytics and Visualization for Multi-Modality Transportation Data

Principal Investigator: Claudio Silva, NYU
AI traffic net user interface

An Artificial Intelligence Platform for Network-wide Congestion Detection and Prediction using Multi-Source Data

Principal Investigator: Yinhai Wang, UW

Development of a Mobile Navigation Smartphone Application for Seniors in Urban Areas

Principal Investigator: Kelvin Cheu, UTEP

A Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Developing Effective Policies to Reduce the Impact Costs of Overweight Vehicles on Roads and Bridges

Principal Investigator: Bill Raisch, NYU

Monitoring and Control of Overweight Trucks for Smart Mobility and Safety of Freight Operations

Principal Investigator: Hani Nassif, Rutgers