COVID-19 Transportation Data Dashboard and White Paper Issue 2

The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing social distancing orders have had dramatic impacts on the use of every mode of transportation. C2SMART researchers have developed an interactive data dashboard that investigates changes in mobility patterns and travel trends as the crisis evolves. Through this dashboard, policymakers and researchers can examine the impact of the outbreak on transportation as it unfolds. This platform will be regularly updated with new data, metrics, and visualization as they become available.

C2SMART White Paper on COVID-19 Impacts: Issue #2

On May 3, C2SMART published the second issue of a white paper on the impact of the pandemic on behavior and travel trends. Leveraging open data from multiple data sources, the white paper updates the data presented in the previous issue of the white paper published on April 3, 2020. It continues to highlight the impacts of COVID-19 on transportation systems in New York City, and adds data from Seattle, WA as well as multiple cities in China to show what potential recovery looks like for transportation systems and mode choice.

Open Source Multi-Agent Virtual Simulation Testbed in NYC

A team of researchers led by Dr. Joseph Chow has developed an open-source multi-agent virtual simulation testbed (MATSim) for NYC. The team has worked to add timely new simulation extensions including the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, congestion pricing, the BQX streetcar, and more. Visit the project webpage to learn more.

Webinar: MATSim Applications for Congestion Pricing & COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery

Dr. Joseph Chow and Yueshai Brian He demonstrated how their MATSim model might be used to help policy-makers plan for reopening following COVID-19 and other scenarios. Watch the webinar on the link to the right.

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