Joseph Y.J. Chow, PhD, PE – New York University


Dr. Joseph Chow is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil & Urban Engineering and Center for Urban ITS at NYU, and heads BUILT@NYU: the Behavioral Urban Informatics, Logistics, and Transport Laboratory. His research expertise lies in transportation systems, with emphasis on multimodal networks, behavioral urban logistics, smart cities, and transport economics. Dr. Chow has published approximately 70 peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, and technical reports, of which more than 30 are in journals like Transportation Science, Transportation Research Part A, B, C, and E.  Dr. Chow is the elected Vice Chair of the Urban Transportation SIG at INFORMS Transportation Science & Logistics Society. He has also served as appointed interim chair of the joint subcommittee on Route Choice and Spatio-Temporal Behavior of ADB10 and ADB30 in the Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the National Academies, and is a current chair of the subcommittee on Freight Modeling in AT015. Dr. Chow is a Guest Editor for a special issue in Alternative Fuel Vehicle Systems for Elsevier’s Transportation Research Part C. He also holds editorial responsibilities in TRB. Prior to NYU, Dr. Chow was the Canada Research Chair in Transportation Systems Engineering at Ryerson University, where he secured more than $1M in grant funding. From 2010 to 2012, he was a Lecturer at University of Southern California and a Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Irvine, where he led the development of a $1.4M statewide freight forecast model for Caltrans. Dr. Chow is a former Eisenhower and Eno Fellow and a licensed PE in NY.

(a) Professional Preparation / EDUCATION

Cornell University                                  Ithaca, NY                Civil Engr.       B.Sc.                2000

Cornell University                                  Ithaca, NY                Civil Engr.       M.Eng.             2001

University of California, Irvine              Irvine, CA                 Civil Engr.       Ph.D.               2010

University of California, Irvine              Irvine, CA                 Transportation PDF         2010 – 2012


2015 – Present             Assistant Professor, Department of Civil & Urban Engineering (Associated Faculty at Center for Urban Science & Progress), New York University, NY

2012 – 2015                Assistant Professor & Canada Research Chair in Transportation Systems Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, Canada

2010 – 2012                 Postdoctoral Scholar, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Irvine, CA

2004 – 2006                Senior Engineer, Eng-Wong, Taub & Associates, NY.

2003-2004                   Transportation Engineer, Berger, Lehman & Associates, NY

2001 – 2003                Project Coordinator, LOG-NET, Inc., Little Silver, NJ

(c) PUBLICATIONS / TECHNICAL PAPERS (most relevant to proposal)

  1. Nourinejad, M., Chow, J.Y.J., Roorda, M.J., 2016. Equilibrium scheduling of vehicle-to-grid technology using activity-based modelling. Transportation Research Part C, special issue on Advances in Alternative Fuel Vehicle Transportation Systems, 65, 79-96.
  2. Chow, J.Y.J., Djavadian, S., 2015. Activity-based market equilibrium for capacitated multimodal transport systems. Transportation Research Part C, Special Issue on ISTTT 21, 59, 2-18.
  3. Liu, X., Yan, W.Y., Chow, J.Y.J., 2015. Time-geographic relationships between vector fields of activity patterns and transport systems, Journal of Transport Geography 42, 22-33.
  4. Sayarshad, H.R., Chow, J.Y.J., 2015. A scalable non-myopic dynamic dial-a-ride and pricing problem, Transportation Research Part B, Special Issue on Urban Service Networks, 81(2), 539-554.
  5. Chow, J.Y.J., Sayarshad, H.R., 2014. Symbiotic network design strategies in the presence of coexisting transportation networks. Transportation Research Part B 62, 13-34.

Other Significant Products

  1. Amer, A., Chow, J.Y.J., 2016. A downtown on-street parking model with urban truck delivery behavior. Transportation Research Part A, special issue on “Freight behavior research”, revision submitted for review.
  2. Chow, J.Y.J., 2016. Dynamic UAV-based city monitoring as a stochastic arc-inventory routing policy. Transportation Research Part C, special issue on “Data-driven smart-city-enabled traffic system modeling, analysis, and optimization”, revision submitted for review.
  3. Chow, J.Y.J., 2014. Policy analysis of third party electronic coupons for public transit fares. Transportation Research Part A 66, 238-250.
  4. Chow, J.Y.J., Regan, A.C., 2014. A surrogate-based multiobjective metaheuristic and network degradation simulation model for robust toll pricing. Optimization and Engineering 15(1), 137-165.
  5. Jung, J., Chow, J.Y.J., Jayakrishnan, R., Park, J., 2014. Stochastic dynamic itinerary interception facility location with queue delay for electric taxi charging stations. Transportation Research Part C 40, 123-142.


Bart van Arem, T.U. Delft; Daniel Rodriguez-Roman, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez; Eric Huang, Clemson University; Hani S. Mahmassani, Northwestern University; Jee Eun Kang, University at Buffalo; Mahdieh Allahviranloo, City College NY; Matthew J. Roorda, University of Toronto; Michael G. McNally, UC Irvine; Mike Kuby, Arizona State University; Paul M. Schonfeld, University of Maryland; Raymond G. Hoogendoorn, T.U. Delft; Sarah V. Hernandez, University of Arkansas.

Gradual Advisor and Postdoctoral Sponsors: Amelia C. Regan, R. Jayakrishnan, Will W. Recker, Stephen G. Ritchie, UC Irvine

Ph.D. Thesis Advisor (last five years):

Hamid R. Sayarshad, Shadi Djavadian, Mahmoud Moussa, Susan Jia Xu, Jinkai Zhou

(e) HONORS AND AWARDS (most recent awards):

  • Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Transportation Systems Engineering
  • TRB Committee on Freight Transportation Planning & Logistics AT015 Best Paper Award 2013
  • ITS World Congress Best Student App Award 2011
  • Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship
  • Eno Fellowship


Thesis supervised:                          Ph.D.: 1 completed plus 4 in progress