Educational Initiatives

As part of its mission to help train the transportation workforce of tomorrow, C2SMART supports and participates in numerous educational initiatives at its member institutions. Through special events, student-led organizations, and mentoring programs, the center provides K-12 through graduate students with valuable learning opportunities.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about C2SMART’s work with ITS and ITE student chapters, the Vertically Integrated Projects Program, K-12 mentoring and research programs, and more.


ITE/ITS helps students to develop their networking skills and connect with professionals in the Tristate area


ITE Student Chapter

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is an international educational and scientific association of transportation professionals who are responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs. The ITE-NYU is part of the ITE Metropolitan Section of New York and New Jersey.  Formed in 1945 and represented by over 800 transportation engineers and planners, the ITE Met Section provides members in the New York/New Jersey area with a network of local transportation professionals who are dedicated to the betterment of the local infrastructure to provide harmonious movement of goods and travelers. To join the ITE Student Chaper at Tandon, click here. Membership is free for all students.

NYU-ITE E-board 2019-2020

President: Bruno Chede Cunha, Mateo Leon
Vice-President: Suzana D. Bernardes
TreasurerLogan J. Wagner
Programming Coordinator: Martin Buce
Secretary: Siva Sooryaa Muruga Thambiran

Faculty Advisor: Jack Bringardner


Being an ITE Student Chapter Member means not only are you one step closer to being a transportation professional, but you are in constant interaction with new and exciting ideas, theories, resources and individuals not only in the local, but national and international level as well. There are several other benefits of joining NYU ITE:

  • Spur interest, share ideas and foster discussion around multi-disciplinary transportation issues and emerging technologies
  • Stay up to date on smart cities and transportation events around NYC (Regular email newsletter)
  • Host events and provide a platform for students to network with each other, faculty and industry professionals
  • Provide internship and career opportunities for students
  • Connect with NYU’s Tier 1 University Transportation Center (C2SMART)

NYU ITE takes great pride in our student members taking initiative and leading from the front in terms of event creation, organization and management at the Metrotech campus. We allow our students to take charge and develop leadership skills so they can succeed as transportation professionals.

To see past events conducted by the NYU ITE chapter, along with ITS chapter, please click on the Past Events tab above.

Students can also join the ITE parent organization here. For undergraduate students, membership is free of cost and for graduate students, it is $30 per year.

ITS Student Chapter

A student chapter of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, this multi-disciplinary student club seeks to promote interest in intelligent transportation issues, create opportunities for student leadership, and build networks between students at different schools, faculty, and industry. To join the ITS Student Chapter at Tandon click here. Membership is free for all students.

Both the student chapters are always connected with students on social media. Check out some recent posts below from our Twitter and Instagram feeds to get informed of our recent events.

We would like to thank @Chris_Lyman12 and the team at @ITEMetSection on inviting us and holding a successful virtual ITE Traffic Bowl for the first time!

NEXT STOP: ITE Grand Championship Traffic Bowl on October 21, 7:30PM EST. If interested in supporting our team, the ITE Youtube Channel is live streaming all the Traffic Bowl Competitions! @ITEhq @ITEMetSection @ITENED2020 @ITETrafficBowl

We are very proud to announce that our team- @ILikeMobility @loganj_wagner and Bruno Cunha Cunha has won the ITE Northeastern Collegiate Traffic Bowl!!! Congratulations on a well-deserved victory! @ITENED2020 @ITEMetSection @ITEhq @ITETrafficBowl @nyutandon nyuite photo

For the first time, the ITE Northeastern Collegiate Traffic Bowl will be held virtually TODAY! Support our team @ILikeMobility @loganj_wagner and Bruno Cunha by tuning in to the link given at 6:30PM EST.

Congratulations to our former ITE Student Chapter President @JingqinGao for being awarded the @ITEMetSection Dr. Louis J. Pignataro Memorial Award--for contributions towards the ITE Met Section and to the field of #transportation nyuite photo

Thanks for attending today's Welcome Back event hosted by @c2smartnyu. Have a look at our upcoming events which include:
- Northeastern Collegiate Traffic Bowl on 09/22
- Seminar by @JingqinGao on the new #Coviddata #Dashboard on 09/30
nyuite photo
NYU Tandon @nyutandon
Key to future of cities: rethinking urban mobility. The #C2SMART @Research_USDOT University #Tranportation Center hosts free webinars on #ridesharing, the #PinkTax on mobility, and #COVID19 & the new #Data #Dashboard! It's all here. @nyuite @NYU_CUSP

Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program

The VIP program provides a multi-year, integrated approach to learning that emphasizes project-based, interdisciplinary, research-active education. It provides an opportunity to learn and practice professional skills while making real-world contributions.

VIP Smart Cities Technology (C2SMART)

This project-based course will form research teams that design and prototype technological innovations to address the needs of smart cities. This technology will be designed within the context of the data collection and processing network essential to connected cities. This VIP course will coordinate with the NYU Tandon School of Engineering and CUSP.

The team will research the needs of smart cities related to the technical issues outlined in the Report to the President “Technology and the Future of Cities” with an emphasis on transportation including: cities, vehicles, infrastructure, and transportation users. These sub-teams will develop hardware, software, data analysis, application, and project management of their problem definition.

For more information, click about VIP click here.

The VIP teams supported by C2SMART are:

NYC Clean Feet

The team will conduct a planning exercise for the location of new solar EV charging stations to accommodate the planned EV fleet expansion. The team will also investigate solar canopy deployment designs for the EVs coming on line.


This project-based course will form research teams that design and prototype technological innovations to help the NYC Fleet Division of the New York City Department of Citywide Administration (DCAS) implement Mayor de Blasio’s Clean Fleet Plan, announced in 2015 (to be provided), calling for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the municipal fleet 50% by 2025 and 80% by 2035, which is an earlier goal than the 80×50 goal that applies citywide.

One area of interest to DCAS is the potential to use solar canopies for EV charging as a way to build on its work in sustainable transport because battery electric vehicles charged on solar energy would have zero operating emissions.  The ultimate goal of this project is using the City’s fleet operations to demonstrate an implementable carbon free transport system and provide cleaner air while obviating the need for more power generation.

About the Team.

Faculty Advisor: Joseph Chow

NYU Smart Cities Technology

VIP Smart Cities Technology focuses on the needs of efficient and effective urban environments with an emphasis on transportation, energy distribution and the quality of life of city inhabitants. The VIP is broken into 3 sub-teams, listed below, which research specific problems within today’s cities. Using hardware, software, data analysis, and the design process, students working in the VIP strive to create innovative solutions that are currently affecting cities and address issues that may arise in the future.


This project-based course consists of research teams that design and prototype technological innovations to address the needs of innovative urban environments. Through data collection and analysis of this data, students aim to improve the current quality of life of city inhabitants and help ensure the increased efficiency of urban environments.

Faculty Advisor: Jack Bringardner


NYU Hyperloop

The team will conduct research on a variety of engineering disciplines relating to the manufacturing of the pod including propulsion, structures, feedback & control, material science, electronics and electrical systems. In parallel, a business and civil engineering sub-team will determine the feasibility of implementing a hyperloop-type system in New York.

NYU Self Drive

This is a field in which a lot of research is proprietary and inaccessible. Big companies invest a lot of capital per car to buy precise sensors and equipment to work with. We have been able to come up with several solutions on our own by optimizing the limited available resources. A lot of work in this industry is done on cars especially developed for self-driving purpose but we have been able to learn and modify the mechanism to transform a golf-cart, little beetle into a machine built for autonomy. The most exciting aspect in our field is that there is no industry standard for self-driving cars. We are at a breakthrough point where we come up with unique ideas and execute them accordingly to form a product that can revolutionize the automotive industry.

Faculty Advisor: Chen Feng

NYU Urban LiDAR and Remote Sensing

The team will research solutions to address the uniquely 3D challenges inherent in converting massive LiDAR point clouds into actionable insights for improving urban life. These challenges include spatial data indexing, parallelization of 3D data storage and querying, automatic change detection, multi-modal data integration, deconvolution of full waveform data, and the development of effective user interfaces to support the use of this exciting new data.

Faculty Advisor: Debra Laefer

Applied Research Innovations in Science and Engineering (ARISE)

This full-time, seven week program is for academically strong, current 10th and 11th grade New York City students with a demonstrated interest in science, technology, engineering and math. The program includes college level workshops and seminars, a high level research experience in participating NYU faculty labs, and mentoring in that placement by a graduate or postdoctoral student. Learn More

NYU ITE Student Chapter Events

All events have been cancelled in the light of COVID-19 pandemic.


Past ITE/ITS Events

NYU ITE/ITS Game Night

This is custom heading element On November 7, 2019 the NYU ITE/ITS Student Chapter held the first edition of Cities:Skyline, a city-building and simulation game with numerous possibilities to emulate real life infrastructure and urban systems. An introduction of the game for new players was given, cities built were showcased and at the end students…

Joint Kick-off/General Body Meeting with NYU-ITS Student Chapter

This is custom heading element On September 26th, the NYU ITE/ITS Student Chapter held its kickoff meeting for the Fall semester of the 2019-20 academic year. The event started with an introduction of the Eboard members, an explanation of the clubs, general functions and resources provided by ITE society and targeted recruiting of new members.…

Fehr & Peers Information Session Recap

This is custom heading element On November 15, the NYU ITE/ITS Student chapter hosted an information session from the company Fehr & Peers. The company representative Delia Votsch talked about careers in the transportation industry, shared examples of projects that apply what the students learn in classes, shared career info regarding positions at Fehr &…

ITE/ITS Women in Transportation: Conversation and Networking Event

This is custom heading element On November 19th, the NYU ITE/ITS Student Chapter in partnership with the C2SMART Center hosted the second Women in Transportation panel. The students had the opportunity to network with the panelists before the event starts and enjoy some refreshments. The event started with a short Trivia game about women representation in the…

Transportation Camp

This is custom heading element TransportationCamp NYC 2019 returned to C2SMART and NYU Tandon to foster open conversations and collaborations in mobility and the radical changes the present is experiencing in transportation globally – in cities and between them. Unlike a traditional conference, the specific session topics were determined by participants, which providesd each attendee…

Ph.D. Candidate Jingqin Gao Wins WTS Leadership Award

This is custom heading element C2SMART congratulates Ph.D. candidate Jingqin Gao, who has been awarded the WTS Beverley Swaim Staley Leadership Legacy Scholarship by the WTS Greater New York Chapter. The award is presented annually to an outstanding young woman pursuing graduate studies working toward a career in transportation or a related field, and who demonstrates…