Workshops and Seminars

Kaan Ozbay, Towards a Safer Urban Transportation System in the Era of Connected & Autonomous Vehicles & Big Data

Xinyue Ye, Visually Exploring Massive Urban Trajectories to Enhance Urban Sustainability and Resilience

Eui-Sung Hwang, Evaluation Methods of Vibration Serviceability for Long Span Cable Bridges

Tulio Bittencourt, Monitoring of Structural Integrity of Mixed Concrete-Steel Railway Bridges

Mladen Čičić, Macroscopic Traffic Control Using Connected Autonomous Vehicles

Milos Balac, The Prospects of Urban Air Mobility: where and how it can succeed.

Michael Pack, Director of the CATT Laboratory, University of Maryland

Francesco Corman, Disruption Management in Railway Networks

Saurabh Amin, Analytics-Driven Operations for Critical Infrastructure Resilience

Shengchuan Zhao, Transportation Infrastructure Development Under Rapid Motorization in China