Nicholas Hudanich Wins Transportation Camp NYC 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship

Congratulations to Nicholas Hudanich for winning the Transportation Camp NYC 2020 Undergraduate Scholarship. The award, sponsored and presented by Sam Schwartz and VHB, recognizes students passionate about studying transportation engineering, and their insights on how the transportation industry could address the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic. You can read Nicholas’s entry here.

Nicholas Hudanich is a sophomore undergraduate at New York University, pursuing a major in Civil Engineering and plans to major in Highway and Traffic Engineering. Nick is a researcher and a part of the website/communications team at C2SMART. Nick has contributed to transit research projects such as the MTA Jay Street Accessible Stations Pilot, and the monthly COVID-19 Blog Posts. He is a member of NYU’s ITE Traffic Bowl Team (2020 National Semifinalists) and is also an avid Geocaching, a GPS-coordinate-based global treasure hunt.

TransportationCamp is an unconference – every session is planned, proposed, and led by attendees. It is an event to gather and share transportation ideas with a diverse gathering of fellow enthusiasts. TransportationCamp welcomes all disciplines of individuals: planners, software developers, engineers, students, transportation professionals, community members, policymakers, and even just people excited about mobility and transportation issues.

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