Protecting Traffic Infrastructure with Weigh In Motion (WIM)

Overloaded vehicles significantly contribute to road damage. Reducing the number of overloaded vehicles on roads and bridges is crucial to reduce maintenance costs and increase the lifetime of this infrastructure. Weigh In Motion (WIM) systems contribute in two ways to this goal.
On the one hand side, WIM systems provide accurate traffic load data to allow precise calculation of fatigue and the remaining lifetime of the infrastructure. In addition, overloaded vehicles can be identified by WIM systems. Based on the WIM data and license plate information, weight violators can be enforced in accordance with national legislation. In this webinar, Christoph Klauser, Product Manager at Kistler, C2SMART industry partner and maker of the sensors installed on the C2SMART Urban Roadway Testbed, discusses Kistler’s WIM solutions to protect critical road infrastructure.

Christoph Klauser joined Kistler 3.5 years ago and focused on Weigh In Motion technology since the first day. He is first point of contact to the global sales force for WIM expertise in large and small projects of various applications. Within Kistler he supports the development team of new WIM technology and coordinates the market launch activities.

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