Daniel Vignon

Daniel Vignon is currently pursuing his PhD in Civil Engineering and MA in Economics at the University of Michigan. Under the supervision of Professor Yafeng Yin, his research seeks to inform the design, regulation and operation of emerging mobility services and of smart infrastructure systems. Drawing from his background in both engineering and economics, he models and analyzes the interactions of these systems with different markets, studies their impact on social welfare, and designs policies to maximize welfare. He holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

C2SMART Hosts First Annual Joint Campus Transportation Research Summit

On May 18, 2022, transportation and smart cities researchers and colleagues across the three global NYU campuses met to hold the NYU Transportation Joint Campus Research Summit. Faculty from each campus (NYU-New York, -Shanghai, and -Abu Dhabi) brought a unique set of perspectives, experiences, and expertise to a conversation not just about how transportation research and education operates at NYU, but also how mobility underpins many aspects of daily life in our cities, from hyperlocal – and even individual – levels, to global and societal mechanisms. They discussed cities as ecosystems for connection, for crisis response, and for vital innovation that will not just keep us moving, but keep us moving forward.

C2SMART Participates in NYU Research Exhibition

On Friday, April 29, NYU Tandon held its annual Research Excellence Exhibit, a public event that features exhibits that illustrate the scope of engineering and the applied sciences — and their potential for improving the world. The day-long program provides faculty and students with a platform to showcase the high-caliber, innovative work they’re doing. This year, four projects were selected to represent C2SMART at the Exhibit.

4th Annual Women in Transportation Panel

On April 28, 2022, the C2SMART Center convened the 4th Annual Women in Transportation Discussion Panel, bringing together three incredible leaders across multiple dimensions of transpiration and engineering: Susie Lai, Staff Services Traffic Engineer at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; Kristy Tu, transportation engineer and planner with the Integrated Planning group at Arup in New York; and Sofia Duran, Traffic Designer at VHB.

Blockchain for Preserving Privacy in V2X Connected Vehicle Applications in Urban Environments

C2SMART researchers developed a more efficient, secure, blockchain-based system to story mobility data on a distribute ledger. To store this data at scale, researchers leverage InterPlanetary File System (OPFS), a scalable distributed peer-to-peer data storage system, and develop efficient consensus algorithms to prevent users from injecting malicious or fake trajectories into the ledger.