Design Finite Element Analyses and Crash Testing


The AASHTO-FHWA Joint Agreement for the Implementation of MASH 2016 requires that any roadside safety hardware (guide rail, bridge rail, transitions, attenuators, etc.) to be installed on the National Highway System must be MASH-compliant. Transitions were not previously required to be crash tested, so the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) designs needs to be.

The consultant research team (C2SMART) will be composed of researchers from New York University, Rutgers University, and RoadSafe LLC. The team will work with the crash tester as a subcontractor, with crash testing final detailed scope, exact budget, and refined timeline defined on a task-by-task basis by the consultant and authorized by NYSDOT. The crash tester for this project is envisioned to be Calspan Corporation of Buffalo, NY, who have expressed interest, budget estimates in line with funding availability, and ability to complete the crash testing tasks as defined in the Scope of Work.

Research Objectives

The objective of this project is to determine if the designs are MASH-compliant and will provide recommendations for modifications if any are not. If successful, the Department will be able to continue using the designs. If not successful, the Department will have an indication of the needed modification.

C2SMART will perform finite element modeling (FEM) and two crash tests to determine if roadway safety hardware is compliant with the 2016 Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware. If it is not found to be compliant, provide modification recommendations backed by modeling results. Over the course of the project, C2SMART will evaluate:

  • NYSDOT’s box-beam guide rail to single-slope concrete barrier transition design,
  • NYSDOT’s box-beam median guide rail design,
  • NYSDOT’s trailing box-beam end piece design,
  • NYSDOT’s Pedestrian Break in box-beam guide rail design,
  • NYSDOT’s box-beam median barrier to HPBO corrugated beam median barrier transition design, and
  • NYSDOT’s box-beam median barrier to single-slope concrete median barrier transition design.

Finally, C2SMART will prepare a final report summarizing the research, methodology and results, including all tasks performed, deliverables, findings, and implementation strategy, as applicable. 

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Kaan Ozbay

Director, C2SMART
Professor, NYU

Kaan Ozbay is the Principal Investigator on this project.

Hani Nassif

Associate Director, C2SMART
Professor, Rutgers

Hani Nassif is a Co-Principal Investigator on this project.

Frank DarConte

Research Professor, NYU

Frank DarConte is the Project Manager on this project.

RoadSafe LLC

Transportation Engineering and Research

RoadSafe LLC is a Partner on this project.

Calspan Corporation

Aerospace and Transportation testing and research

Calspan Corporation is a Partner on this project.