C2SMART Hosts First Annual Joint Campus Transportation Research Summit

On May 18, 2022, transportation and smart cities researchers and colleagues across the three global NYU campuses met to hold the NYU Transportation Joint Campus Research Summit. Faculty from each campus (NYU-New York, -Shanghai, and -Abu Dhabi) brought a unique set of perspectives, experiences, and expertise to a conversation not just about how transportation research and education operates at NYU, but also how mobility underpins many aspects of daily life in our cities, from hyperlocal – and even individual – levels, to global and societal mechanisms. They discussed cities as ecosystems for connection, for crisis response, and for vital innovation that will not just keep us moving, but keep us moving forward.

CycleBack NYC

Cycling as a commuter option is growing rapidly, and New York City seeks to build on this momentum by introducing a new affordable way for New Yorkers to obtain bicycles. Employer bicycle leasing in Europe has allowed employees to obtain a new bicycle as a fringe benefit and repay through a monthly salary deduction. Employers partner with a third-party benefits administrator to provide the service. Programs like this are really successful in Europe, and encourage healthier and more sustainable commutes, businesses, and communities.