The Pink Tax on Mobility: Opportunities for Innovation

The Pink Tax is a form of gender-based price discrimination concerning the upcharge women pay for specific products or services. This white paper is based on the conviction that innovations to increase personal safety and improve accessibility for caregivers will provide greater access to education and jobs, deliver health benefits from more active transportation, and support women’s confidence and well-being in trip planning—while greatly reducing carbon emissions.

Annual Report 2020-2021

2021 was a year of resilience and adaptation: the world has not returned to old normality, but instead generated the new systems, processes, and infrastructures required to build a new normal. C2SMART’s work has reflected these changes, as we sought to refocus on themes which the chaos of 2020 threw into stark relief: the continued effects of the pandemic, responding to weather crises, strengthening our aging infrastructure, optimizing rollout of innovations for inclusivity, and re-investment in disadvantaged communities.